Life History Of Tariq Bin Ziyad

Tariq Bin Ziyad

History Of Tariq Bin Ziyad, Whenever the name of Tariq bin Ziad is mentioned, stories of his bravery and courage start circulating in people’s minds. The most important event of his life was when he burned all the boats of his army at Andalusia. So that the way escapes from their hearts. And then with great boldness made a historic speech. Hearing this, the spirit of all soldiers trembled with martyrdom.

And they built those flags of conquests that the world still remembers, but do you know what were the differences between Tariq bin Ziyad and his ruler, and how miserable and painful the last life of such a great military general was? If you want to know, then read this post of ours until the end. It was the era of Banu Umayyad, Walid bin Malik was the caliph of the Muslims. Damascus used to be the capital of the Islamic State.

History Of Tariq Bin Ziyad

Musa bin Nasira was the governor of Fariqa. Abraham Banyusuf was the servant of Moses. Ibrahim supported his master at every turn of life when all his companions left him. Abraham also saved Moses’ life twice. In return for this loyalty, Musa promised Ibrahim his brother and decreed. Ibrahim was martyred in a war and Ibrahim’s widow took the hand of her little son Tariq and reached Musa’s palace.

Musa placed his hand on Tariq Bin Ziyad’s head. I came, he was a born general, soldiering was in his blood, and he played with the sword like the air. He was careless and greedy. Faith and courage were also sacrificed for him. When he was young, Musa bin Nasir made him the governor of Tanja. The city is now part of Morocco. The waters of the ocean separated Spain and Tangier from each other. Even today there is a distance of fourteen kilometers between the two countries.

Old History Of Tariq Bin Ziyad

But social distancing is too long. In Morocco and in Spain, Tariq Bin Ziyad took control of the city. In Spain, Roderick was ruling at that time. He was the king of the nation. He was cruel and greedy, and there was also a lot of immorality. He used to send them to the palaces and courts of the kings. Count Julian was a servant of Roderick. His daughter Florida was associated with the court.

She was extremely beautiful. He reached the palace to take his daughter and appeared in front of the king and did not let any of his movements show that he was aware of the fate that had happened to his daughter. He said to Jalan, “You have not brought us any gift this time.” Jalan bowed politely and said, “I will give you such a gift next time that people will remember it for centuries.” He didn’t want to mess with Europe. But Jalen’s motivations were mixed.

Life History Of Tariq Bin Ziyad

And his story was very sad. So Musa Bansir made his two generals, Tariq Bin Ziyad, and Turif bin Malik, form two armies of 77,000 soldiers. And sent them to Spain with Jalan. These two generals came only for a requiem. But as soon as they set foot on the land of Spain, they were overcome with such a frenzy of passion that they did not return until all the major cities of Spain were within their reach. A city was settled in his name.

This city still exists today under the name of Tarifa. It is a modern city and people call it Tarifa, but who settled this city, how did they settle it and why are most people not aware of this fact? He landed in Gibraltar in 10 AD and set fire to the ships. He had a total of seven thousand young men, the majority of whom belonged to his own tribe. After taking possession, he landed in Spain on July 19, seven hundred and 11 AD, a big battle took place in Wadi Lakam.

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Initial Life And Career Of Tariq Bin Ziyad

Roderick also lost this battle, and thus Andalusia was practically occupied by the Muslims. The Islamic army conquered more cities after that. Musa bin Nasir became jealous of Tariq. He stopped Tariq from further conquests and handed over his kingdom to his son Abdullah bin Musa. He himself reached Spain with eighteen thousand soldiers. The place he reached was later called Jabal Musa.

It could not be as famous as Gibraltar. Musa took the Islamic army to Cordoba. At that time, Caliph Waleed bin Malik heard the news of Tariq Bin Ziyad and Musa Nasir Kif Towat, so he began to burn with jealousy. dismissed and began to hold them accountable. The audience started the decline of two great generals of Islamic history from here. Both of them fell into the darkness of obscurity.

How many people were there and where is he buried today? History has no answer for this, but history knows for sure that no one else could have caused as much damage as Muslims have done to date. It is said that Tariq spent the last days of his life in Kisma Parsi. Rather, he was even seen asking questions outside the mosques. If this is true, it will be called a great injustice to this great warrior.

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