Complete History Of Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Sultan Abdul Hamid II

According To The History Of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, Audiences loved Arab and Ottoman sultans very much and there was a time when these sultans were mentioned in every Friday sermon, the first among them being Sultan Muhammad Fatih, who conquered Constantinople according to the prophecy of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Centuries ago, he received praise from his prophet and the other was Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Who clearly refused to hand over the Holy Land of Palestine to the Zionists. Today’s post is about Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the state of the Ottoman Empire during his reign and his good and bad actions. Sultan Abd al-Hamid II was the thirty-fourth sultan of the Ottoman Empire and when he sat on the throne, the Ottoman Empire included Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, the Balkans, the Aegean Sea, northern Greece, all of the Arab region, Egypt and present-day Libya.

Who Was Sultan Abdul Hamid II?

Which was divided into two Sanjak ie provinces. Sultan Abdul Hameed’s mother was Sirkshineth. Twelve years before he became the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, he also saw the longest war of the century, which was fought between 1736 and 1864 between Russia and Carcassia. Which ended in the massacre of 200,000 men, women, and children when the imperial forces of Russia massacred Circassian Muslims in Sochi for three days and three nights and did not leave a single person alive.

Bayana had been traveling to Paris and London, so he was well aware of world politics and was also aware of the mood and culture of European nations. And strengthened his power in the empire on December 23, 1876, when he announced the Property Law, which was the first law of the Ottoman Empire. During his reign, the first Ottoman Parliament began on March 19, 1877, and thus the era of Turkey began. He was an expert, and to impress the influential people present there.

Influence Of Sultan Abdul Hamid On Contemporaries

He even demonstrated riding a horse without a saddle. When Sultan Abdul Hamid ascended the throne in 1878, the Ottoman Empire was about to collapse. In 1878, the Russians entered Constantinople until the summer. had planned to end the Ottoman Empire by making a plan, but Sultan Abdul Hamid stopped them for six months due to the plague and thus the danger of the collapse of the empire was temporarily avoided.

Sultan Abdul Hamid II was the first Ottoman Sultan who was deeply interested in commerce and economy. During the period of the Ottoman Empire, modern methods were adopted to run the government, for example, they made major reforms in the bureaucracy. He registered the entire population of the Ottoman Empire and started the first modern law school in 1899.

Events In The Life Of Sultan Abdul Hamid

Along with this, many professional schools were also opened, including schools of law, schools of arts, traders, civil engineering schools, cattle-related schools, customs schools, farming schools, linguistics schools, etc. Istanbul University was closed in 1800 and then reopened in 1930. In addition, a lot of work was done on the communication infrastructure during his period and only one thing was used for communication in this period, namely telegram.

It was established, for example, military schools, military medicine, universities, faculties, hospitals, and bands. Sultan Abdul Hamid II gave special emphasis on women’s education and the first school for girls was opened during his reign. When the conspiracies to kill the dictators were on the rise in Europe, a similar murderous attack on Sultan Abdul Hamid was carried out by Armenian rebels on April 21, 1955, through a bomb.

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Last Moments Of Sultan Abdul Hamid II Life

when the Sultan was going to the Yildiz Mosque in Istanbul for Friday prayers. It can also be called a suicide attack, in which Armenians used eight kilos of explosives, and as a result, twenty-six people were martyred and six were injured. They stopped many rebellions in the Ottoman Empire. Sultan or Sarkh Sultan or Kuzal Sultan says that Turkish nationalists have had this suspicion since Sultan Abd al-Hamid’s era that there was strict censorship and the best system of espionage was in place.

There was a post. Then many people asked me this question if the organization of white beards was abolished during the reign of Sultan Fatih, then what system was used for espionage in the Ottoman Empire after that? Inshallah, I will bring a detailed post soon, but here I will tell you that Sultan Abdulhamid was the founder of Turkey’s modern intelligence.

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