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Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs

How To Apply For Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs? Today, I have brought the vacancy of Pakistan Coast Guard. You are being invited to join the Pakistan Coast Guard. Yes, all the people of Pakistan, see now that there are many regional and provincial quotas. However, I will tell you first of all that the soldier is a general duty grade five civil. line pay scale including ration allowance and other perquisites etc. educational qualification which is physically fit and the number of vacancies then the total is seventy four but five out of seventy-four is meritorious and for Sindh urban, it is six.

It means six and five eleven which we have in total. Just like the rest, there are different institutions and Sindhi rolls, if there is KPK, then Meritpa can be from anywhere, so we include ourselves in it. And this is the regional quota we have. OK. After that, the second vacancy is that of a soldier cook, and his grade is five. It also has a ration allowance and the rest of the benefits. It has education, middle physical fitness, and cooking skills.

Qualification To Apply for Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs

And the number that is five and five is on the merit of five, which means we can apply that too. NCZ E Sanitary Worker ie grade four. In this, there are allowances, privileges, education, physical fitness, and skill in your work and there are only three posts, these three are based on merit. What will be a good applicant, what is the quality and age etc? Before knowing this, let me tell you one thing and you, friends, as you have seen that we have a group called Karachi job.

If you want to join then the given numbers. Do not message me to add me to the Karachi job group, you will be added to it, apart from these posts, many more vacancies are discussed, small and big, all types of vacancies, because I can only make posts for big vacancies, I discuss this job in small vacancies. I will do it, God willing, it will be beneficial for you. Less comes, more comes, but something keeps coming that will be beneficial for you. Yes, Abia, the Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs were being talked about.

Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs Online Registration

Look, the short height is five feet six inches, the chest is small, short legs are thirty inches. In the age limit of 18 to 25 years, the upper age limit will be discounted according to the law, because it belongs to the government of Sindh, there is a 15-year discount, so it is not included in it. If there is any discount, you will know. Recruitment location Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs Center Korangi number two Karachi number thirty-one is ok that is.

If you are going to Karachi then see that the Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs Center is Korangi number two and you go there then what else is there for you if you want to apply to any of them? To apply, check their mobile phone number, PTCL number is also below, what is the procedure, this registration is on Dec 5, 2023, from 8 am to 2 pm, now I want to apply for any of these vacancies.

How To Apply For Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs?

If they are complete, you will have to take all the documents with you and I will mention them further. Registration is on Dec 5, 2023, as I said. The physical test is on Dec 6, 2023, at 8:00. The medical test is on Dec 7, 2023, at 8:00 and the interview is on Dec 8, 2023, at 8:00. Yes, it will be all your work from August 5th to August 8th. If you pass, you will join after that, God willing. Well, all the documents will be checked before registration.

The candidate should bring two attested photocopies of all the documents with him. And must bring four passport photos. What are the document’s original educational credentials and any other computer, identity card, domicile, PRC four-digit passport photos, Joining to Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs, and extra qualification for any technical diploma have experience? especially for cooking experience here. So you have to bring all these things. OK and apart from that, see all these originals along with two photocopies then all these steps will come to you.

New Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs 2023 Apply Online 

Okay, five, six, seven, eight. Well, if you join, you will see the salary, allowances, full retirement benefits, other facilities like free accommodation, free medical treatment for children, and admission to girls’ public schools in Karachi for the education of children. Applying For Pakistan Coast Guard Jobs, It is good that legal action will be taken against those who have submitted fake documents. Candidates will bring paper or pen etc. for the physical test. During this test, everything is fine, after that, it is forbidden to carry a mobile phone.

On the day you go, you will not take a mobile phone. Well, apart from this, you will have to bear all the expenses of stationery, medical, etc., whatever the expenses will be in all these tests, whatever the requirement of things will be, you will have to bear it at your own expense. The most important thing is that Pakistan government recruitment is based on merit. The authority of the final selection rests with the Director General of Pakistan Guard. Therefore, do not contact any Pakistani cast guard or any civil person in this regard.

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