The History Of Tipu Sultan King Of Mysore

Tipu Sultan

According To The History Of Tipu Sultan, It was a day of January nineteen hundred and 19. In the winter season and harsh winter, a male Qalandar from Lahore is known to the world as the poet of the East. He traveled more than two thousand kilometers from Allama Iqbal Lahore and reached Seringapatam. This region is located in the present-day Indian state of Karnataka. Iqbal recited Fatiha while standing at the head of a grave.

After meditating for two hours, outside, my eyes were red and swollen due to crying. Someone asked Hazrat, have you meditated for so long? Tell us what blessings you received from there. Allama Iqbal replied that he had received a message from there. If it is not possible to live like men in this world, then life is to sacrifice a manly life.

Tipu Sultan The Warrior King

There are fans and admirers till today, Imran Khan, so sir, today we are going to know about another hero of the freedom struggle, Sultan of Mahsoor Tipu Sultan. Welcome to Kiss number three of the hero series of Azadi. If you have come to our website for the first time, then please subscribe and click on the bell icon and you can also follow me on Instagram, the link of which is given in the link.

Years ago, Sultan Haider, a brave general in the army of King Krishna Raj of the beleaguered state in India, had a great devotion to an elder Hazrat Tipu Mastan Wali and often visited his dargah. A child was born in Sultan Hyder Ali’s house in Bangalore on the 20th of November, 17 Sopchas. Which was named as Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan proved to be very lucky for his father. Sultan Hyder Ali was honored and one day he became the ruler of Mysore.

Festival Of Tipu Sultan

He was seventeen hundred and sixty-one years old. The Nawab of Bengal, Sirajaldullah, had been defeated. East India was making its grip on the system of India. Sultan Hyder Ali was a powerful state, with the help of France, the enemy of Britain, he increased the defense power by establishing modern weapons factories in his area. There were many wars between Sultan Hyder Ali and the British. But every defeat was the honor of the British government.

Sultan Haider Ali passed away due to natural causes on December 17th. So after him, thirty-two-year-old Tipu Sultan sat on the throne left by his father. Tipu Sultan named his empire spread over 80,000 square miles as Sultanate of Khudadad Mohsoor. And adopted the title of Nawab Tipu Sultan Bahadur for himself. It is said that Tipu Sultan had about ninety thousand trained soldiers in Kefuj. The subcontinent had the misfortune of having the Deccan system of Hyderabad, which was Muslim.

Will Of Tipu Sultan

The Nawab Muhammad Ali of the state of Arkath in Tamilnadu and the Marathas of Maharashtra allied themselves with the British considering the power of Tipu Sultan as a threat to them. Tipu Sultan tried to get help from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and France to stop the growing power of the British but could not succeed. The three of them attacked Mysore again. This was called the Third Siege War, which lasted for three years due to the tricks of the British and their own treachery and disloyalty.

While making peace with Tipu with the British, the state paid three crores of rupees to Tipu Sultan and gave his two princes Abdul Khaliq and Muizuddin as bail to be given to the custody of the British. These two princes stayed with the British for two years, because the people of the state loved Tipu Sultan very much. Historians write that on this occasion, the people poured their hard-earned money at their feet, and even women even collected their jewelry in the treasury.

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Ruler Of Mysore

Sultan Tipu hated the British so much that he did not use salt made by the India Company. They wanted to expel the British from India. Tipu Sultan banned trade with the British in his kingdom. And banned foreign products. From armaments to the manufacture of cloths, wooden goods, silk products iron, etc., the beleaguered state not only became self-sufficient but also started exporting many goods. Banks were established for the first time in his career to promote agriculture.

He made many social and economic reforms in his state, which made the whole state prosperous. An Englishman of that time acknowledged the prosperity of the state of Mysore in the words that it was the greenest in besieged India. The region is ruled by Tipu and the people of Mysore are the most prosperous. The prosperity of the Khudadad state was no less than a nightmare for the British and their convenience.

Therefore, in February 1799, the united forces of the British system and the Malhats attacked the siege from all three sides. The British took Mysore. Ministers Mir Sadiq Mir Ghulam Alilinga Mir Qamaruddin Mir Moinuddin and Minister of Finance Purnia were conspired with. Due to their treachery, the enemy forces besieged Serangaputting. Gaya Tipu put up a strong resistance against the besieging British.

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