Complete History Of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi

Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi

According To The History Of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, Around 975 AD, a Turkish general established an empire in the Ghazni region of Afghanistan, which is called the Ghaznavi Empire. When it was established in Ghazni in AD, the borders of that time were not within Pakistan, at that time it met with the Arabian Sea in the south and its borders touched in the north. The son of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi is among the highest Jalil-ul-Qadr commanders and dervish rulers in the history of Islam.

Muhammad bin Qasim attacked Debal around 711 AD and conquered the areas up to Multan, but after that, Muslims did not enter for another two and a half years. What was done by Sindh. Nor was there any invasion of India through the Khyber Pass after the liberation of Afghanistan. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi became famous in history because he was the first Muslim ruler who invaded India through the Khyber Pass and left the whole of India open for the next thousand years.

Life History Of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi

It is from the campaign that he made from Afghanistan to India, a very brave and honorable general who did not lose a single defeat in his thirty-two years of rule. In about nine hundred and eighty years AD, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi replaced his father Sabkhatgin on the throne of Ghazni and after that, the map of the coming world and History changed Mahmood Ghaznavi was a very spiritual being. In their history, these incidents come frequently.

That they sometimes had the fortune of visiting the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in their dreams. And because of this spiritual grace, what did they do with their conquests that would later be attributed to their name in history? Before we discuss the life of Mahmoud Ghaznavi. It is also important to talk about his father Sabgadgin. His father was a Turk. It was at that time when the Turkish chiefs and generals were establishing their governments in Afghanistan and the Khorasan regions in Central Asia.

Initial Life And Career Of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi

Sabghatgin was twelve years old, when someone kidnapped him took him, and sold him to the Emir al-Fatghi of Bukhara. He gave him a place in his army of training like his own sons and eventually married him to his daughter. Due to the same charisma of an all-vengeful nature, he became the head of Bukhara for a day. The Ghaznavid Dynastica was an extraordinary spiritual entity established by creating a place. This event is described in history. That once they went hunting.

And there they found a baby deer. Taking this baby on their horse, when they were returning, they looked back and saw that the deer was also following behind them. They left the baby in love and affection and returned to their own. He went to his mother. The captives are visited by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in their dreams and they are given the tidings of unlimited success and good news.

Scientific Career In Pakistan

When Mahmood, the son of Sabgadugin, was born, Eid Milad-ul-Nabi was celebrated, because it was proven in history that at the time of the birth of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), the fire pits and idol pits of Persia were cold and the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) himself When he used to go to the Kaaba with his blessed hand and break the idols of the polytheists, all of them prayed to Allah, saying, “Oh Allah, make my son an idolater too.”

Is Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi very romantic in the history of Islam? Almost every Pakistani and Urdu-speaking Muslim has heard the mention of Mehmood and Ayaz in our poetry, in our cultural heritage on the fourth floor. Allama Iqbal also mentioned Mehmood and Ayaz frequently in his poetry. Mahmud stood in the same row, Mahmud and Ayaz, neither a slave nor a slave, Nawaz, and Allama Iqbal made Mahmud and Ayazhi the foundation even.

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How Did Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi Live?

Then when he dreamed of the fall of the Ummah, neither was she yearning in Ghaznavi, nor was she Kham in Zulfayaz. The great achievement that is taught to children in our history is the attack on the Somnath temple. The Somnath temple happened at the same place where the Pakistan Navy attacked Dwarka in the war of nineteen sixty-five.

Our historians of that time wrote the eighteenth attack on Somnath. Before we talk about Mahmud Ghaznavi’s invasion of Anastra, it is very important that we talk about the historical, political, and military background in which all these campaigns were carried out. It is said that they made seventeen attacks on India. Those historians who are influenced by Hindus or want to present a single view of Muslims,

They say that the Muslims made these attacks only to loot India, and Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi did it. The impression given by the Hindus is that this Mujahid was only a robber who entered India for the purpose of looting. History which is the reality is completely opposite to history. Today, it is necessary to discuss this historical background. I was based in Ghazna and the Abbasid caliphate was ruling from Baghdad.

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