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How To Apply For PITB Jobs? In today’s post, I will tell you how you can apply for the jobs that have come from the Punjab Information Technology Board and what is their criteria, so before I start the post, let’s start the post. Can you please, jobs have come from Punjab information technology, I will tell you who are the political jobs, these are the PITB Jobs in Lahore, Do you mean BAE, BS, MBB, S, Master, all-level jobs? You can apply Johe to it. Their last date is the 15th of Dec.

So if I tell you about it, then let’s talk about job vacancies. First comes the director general project joint director, technical leader, team, leader, manager. Then there is H Arminager. Then there is the assistant director. Program office, OPD in charge, and so on are quite a lot. Graphic designer, help desk officer, U C engineer, then program officer, system support engineer, HBAC, technician driver, book binder, record keeper, there are many more.

Qualification To Apply for PITB Jobs

Let me tell you how to do it, the first thing that is written is on their site, you can go here and read about it in detail, I will tell you the rest, their last date is the 15th of Dec. So let’s go to their site, which is their site, before that, I will show you their add, you can see what is in it, the director general is fifty-five years old, which is the maximum age, sixteen years of education should be fifteen years old and in Lahore.

If you look here, he is a network system engineer, maximum age is 16 years, and he has one year of experience in Lahore. In addition, he has become a program coordinator. Similarly, he is a UC engineer, and he has three years of experience in DAE. They can also be applied For PITB Jobs here, you can see that, apart from that, there are also metric ones, DAE ones, metric ones, BABS, MBBS, so all of them can be applied here, you can read it, so here is their site below.

PITB Jobs Online Registration

After that, I will tell you how you have to fill it, so let me tell you one more thing here, for serial number fifty and onward, that is, from fifty to sixty-seven. Whichever courier or service you use, you have to send it to this address, and in addition to that, the remaining means also have the online facility, that is, they can fill it online, but what has been posted from 12:00 to 67 has not been done.

After applying, that is, if the form is attached, then you have to provide the courier service, here you can give the address below, PO Box No. Ahfour Zero Five GPO Lahore, then you have to send it to them. Joining PITB Jobs, So about the rest, I will tell you that the last rate is 15 Apples, then their site is Punjab Job Hotel, so you will come here, then here is how you should apply it, first of all, whenever you come here.

How To Apply For PITB Jobs?

Applying for PITB Jobs, So you have to click on register here. First of all, you have to register here, you have to give any of your e-mails, you have to give the password and you have to confirm the password. In order to activate it, you have to activate it there, so I will show you by logging in here. Earlier, I told you in a post how you signed in. How can you apply for a job? I enter my email here.

I will click on login to the account. I will enter my email. I’ll do it. I’ve clicked on login, so this is what it is. I’ll log in from here. You can see it here. I’ve already logged in here. Now, what have you done? The applied job is the profile builder, so here you have it below. If you Come on, there are a lot of PITB Jobs that are available here. Now how do you apply for it? From here I will apply for the job.

New PITB Jobs 2023 Apply Online 

My account is already logged in. Here you can see Assistant Manager HR. You can see it here, how you have to apply it, so here it is simple, as soon as you click on the file builder here, here you have to fill it all out, The account means you have to login as soon as you have done it. So here you have to fill this meaning once here.

Here you have to fill all the fields here in name first name last, you can see this, after that what is experience is academic, after that skin training certification, you have to fill all this and submit it here. It is to be given, that whenever a job comes, you have to do simple, that when you have filled this form, you simply go to the top of the job, then just click on apply. If you see here, you have to click simple.

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