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According To The Express News, Tension between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban continues. And the main cause of this tension is the banned movement of Taliban Pakistan. Despite the demands of Pakistan, no such step has been taken by the Afghan Taliban government from which Pakistan can derive this result. That the Afghan Taliban are taking any effective action against the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Ah, this week, an important ah, the claim that has come out is that the interim minister of the Afghan, ah, Taliban, Amir Khan Muttaqi, met in Tehran where a conference was being held on Palestine. They had an informal meeting with him. It is obvious that Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed was not representing the government and I had a detailed conversation with Mushahid Hussain Syed. He is the foreign minister of the Afghan Taliban.

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He said that when the talks between Pakistan and the outlawed Taliban were going on last year in 2022, most of the disputes between the two sides were resolved and most of the two sides were close to an agreement. According To The Express News, The only outstanding issue was what would happen to these castes which are ex-tribal areas because the TTP has been demanding that it should be given its previous status and they claimed that Aamir Khan Muttaqi had backed out of Pakistan because of this.

The talks could not go ahead. Now when this news was published, Shahbaz, I received a phone call from a senior official of Pakistan the next day and he said that Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed has since become the spokesperson of the Afghan Taliban and is he? Express News, Those who are Afghan Taliban are considered more credible in the perspective they have presented. So what I said was that I said my main point was that the foreign minister of the Afghan Taliban is making a claim.

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According To The Express News, So I have reported this quiz. That which is our side story ah ah maybe it is not right then ah didn’t like it ah I thought I didn’t like it. I don’t like it and let’s add one more thing to it the foreign minister of the Afghan Taliban has also said that there is no communication between the two countries above the level at the moment. So this is also a very significant thing. It was an informal conversation with very important people and they gave you an inside about many things.

It means that the two sides were very close to the negotiations, but the conclusion was about to be negotiated and then Pakistan did it. Now, I have read your news about the pullout of Pakistan. It is not a negative thing. When some demands are coming from the other side which you don’t have, then you go. As their demand is that FATA which is federal you are the taxable area. Again, they were independent, their Justus, which would make them a part of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through the constitutional amendment, abolished it.

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So Pakistan cannot meet this demand. Pakistan has set two or three big conditions. That the Taliban is who is this TTP is. They will obey the constitution of Pakistan. It will be you. According To The Express News, Throw the weapon. And they will come inside the system and talk and obey this system. I was about to tell you that when he who is a Pakistani official said that these Afghan Taliban are now talking like this to remove the pressure on them, which is the main reason for the failure of the negotiations.

one is that it is very clear to Pakistan that the negotiations Whatever the TTP was doing, the Afghan Taliban facilitated it, they first regrouped themselves, and the second was their objective, the bigger objective, as you pointed out, to end the merger of FATA. I have already written and spoken about it before the Pakistani official. The Afghan Taliban do not say anywhere in this that they want that which is part of the former tribal area, they want you to hand over the control of it to TTP and let them come back with weapons.

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Pakistan And TTP Were Close To An Agreement

According To The Express News, So now Pakistan is a terrorist group, how can you do it if you say that you can do even one five-marla land? So, who was the official of Pakistan, he said that there is no compromise on this, that we will take our territory in any way and the other important factor was the promises made by the Afghan Taliban and the guarantees that they had given to this threat. If they didn’t do it, the Afghan Taliban or their foreign minister, whoever is talking about these things, is not telling the whole truth.

The talks were definitely done by Pakistan, but when they did not yield sufficient results, when the talks were still going on, despite this, AT TP was doing terrorist incidents, so this is a situation you can say is still made, despite all the steps taken by Pakistan, there is still no indication that the Afghan Taliban is serious about taking any formal action against the TTP and importantly.

According To The Express News, I think it was also confirmed by the Pakistani side that there is absolutely no such contact between the two countries at the highest level and Pakistan is not intentionally making this contact with them because it is very clear that what is happening with you can only happen in that case. When our securities are taken by TDP, we will take a break here. After the break, we will talk about other news.

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