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According To The Election News, Shahbaz or Kamal, who will fight from NA-20240 in MQM and seat adjustment in non-league? Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway will be built. Shehbaz Sharif will meet MQM leadership to discuss seat adjustment and election issues. The committee will negotiate on seat adjustment. There are slanderous and negative things being said about Pakistan. All kinds of mafia will be suppressed. Army Chief General Asif Munir’s speech at the National Farmers Convention said that Pakistan is a country rich in resources.

It has glaciers, rivers, mountains and fertile land. The role of PTI is only to serve the people and farmers. The Election Commission will challenge the decision of the Peshawar High Court. A court appeal will be filed against the non-return of the bill. The Peshawar High Court suspended the decision of the Election News, Commission. PTI Chairman Barrister Ali Gohar Khan says. The election commission should fulfill its responsibility. Who will get unwithdrawn seats?

Today Election News

Change in election schedule for certain seats. The examination of papers for female minority seats will be done till January 13th. Appeals against the decisions of the Returning Officers can be filed till January 16. Appeals will be decided by January 19. Candidates will be able to withdraw their nomination papers on January 22. The final list of candidates for specific seats will be displayed on January 23. No change in the schedule of general meetings.

According To The Election News, Who is Ladla of Lahore? City News Network is once again seeking your opinion. It will be the biggest election survey in the history of the city. This time we chose. Our teams consisting of 400 members of Constituency NA 127 will go house to house and collect votes. Polling will be held today from 11 am to 4 pm. So we are coming to your house, open the door, and cast your vote. A sample of 20,000 votes will be taken from the constituency.

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Teams consisting of senior members will be formed to monitor the results. Now we will tell the whole of Pakistan about the decision. In a meeting with Asif Zardari, he announced joining the People’s Party. The former president welcomed the two leaders. During the meeting, the development, prosperity, and establishment of peace were discussed. Asif Zardari said PPP’s charter will have far-reaching effects on the city of Karachi.

Prime Minister Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the CTD Training School in Lahore. According To The Election News, Inspection of various departments including conference room, classrooms, and auditorium. Meeting at CTD Headquarters. The Chief Minister met the under-trained workers and appreciated their professional training. Proud of CTD’s unprecedented performance. Mohsen Naqvi’s stormy visits to government hospitals. Went to PIC Children’s General Hospital and reviewed the degradation.

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He shook hands with Muhammad Ahmed, a child under treatment at the Children’s Hospital. asked now shaking hands with the workers. The Chief Minister inspected the ongoing construction activities in PIC. Directed plantation on empty space with an emergency. Also saw the ongoing upgradation work on four floors of the General Hospital. Invitation of Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s son Asjad Mehmood, former President Asif Zardari.

According To The Election News, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarullah Kakar, Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, and Chairman Cents Sadiq Sanjrani, Raja Parvez participated. Ashraf, Mahmood Khanachakzai, Aftab Sherpao, Liaqat Baloch, and other leaders participated. Prime Minister’s visit to Jello Park and Botanical Garden. Went to the amusement bridge and inspected the entire garden. Also inspected the house. Mohsin Naqvi called for a plan to upgrade Braham Jalu Park due to the broken roads.

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Election News 2024 | PTI Rejected

Mohsin Naqvi also visited the historic Shalimar Bagh. Did a round of the garden sitting in a special rickshaw. The Chief Minister’s order to end the illegal constructions. They say to restore Shalamarbagh to its old status. They will not make a wider electoral alliance with any party. Adjustments will be made on a limited basis. Ishaq Dar made it clear that there was no problem with distribution of tickets at the party. The party will fight the election. The tickets will be finalized before January 12.

After the distribution of tickets, a public election campaign will be started. The Election News, Commission has stopped the caretaker government from privatizing government institutions. The caretaker government had included many large enterprises in the active list of privatization. PIA, Steel Mills, and other institutions were included in the list of privatization. He also hired the services of an international financial advisor for the privatization of the national airline. Israel’s terrorism in Gaza. Three hundred Palestinians, including two journalists, were martyred in twenty-four hours.

Airstrikes in Baitullah Hayat Khan Younis and al-Maghazi including the Kuwait Hospital in Rifaa. Fifty Palestinians lost their lives. The number of martyrs exceeded 21,320. More than 55,000 people were injured. The Israeli army ordered the citizens to go to shelter homes from Central Ghaza. Captain Shan Masood scored sixty runs. Agha Salman got out on 50, Babar Azam on 41 and Muhammad Rizwan on 35. Australian captain Paige Qamars was named man of the match for taking ten wickets. Muhammad Rizwan’s controversial outing in the Velberntest has caused a stir on social media.

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