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According To The Samaa News, Supreme Court, Islamabad High Court, now Peshawar High Court, whichever court gives a decision in favor of PTI, you people start criticizing it. You people are pointing fingers at the judges, what is the reason for this, because these are the courts you Relief was given to Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, relief was given to Malanwaz Sharif Sahib, there was no change in them. For example, the Election Act was violated and our constitution was violated.

There is a single-member bench in Peshawar High Court that also has a connection with PTI. We decided in favor that their symbol should be restored and also challenged the ECP because it is a provincial high court and the ECP is applicable to the entire country. Then the question arises that when it is discussed, what does it mean that if two or three people are of the same race and one of them is shot and someone is killed, we will say that it is not a matter, brother, forget it and move on.

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So, a level playing field does not mean that if any party leader violates the law, action should be taken against him according to the law. Let’s put it in the history, lock it somewhere in the closet, and move on. According To The Samaa News, I think this has happened. So, when we see that the courts are not seeing the weight of May 9, nor the weight of other things, and that is not the weight. If it is coming, then the question arises, we have no problem whether someone gets the symbol or not.

You are criticizing the courts, you are criticizing the judiciary and you have an explanation for it. It was kept that today’s statement of the Army Chief would obviously have been passed by you with great clarity yesterday at the Corps Commander’s conference also with great clarity and the confusion that was being talked about whether elections will be held or not because supreme The clear line of the court was above it, but even.

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According To The Samaa News, So yesterday’s statement came out with great clarity and today again the statement made by the army chief, you don’t understand that it is the work of the governments to correct the situation. This matter came out when the Muslim League had been recruiting the Glo Bhats into the bureaucracy for thirty-five years, a clear example of which is Bashir Memon, who retired from the FIA and became its Sindh president. The army is there.

and they have started demanding that we don’t have the staff, we are not in the mode to conduct the election, so the army had to make this statement because the decision of the election commission and the supreme court is that the election has to be held, so I understand that this bureaucrat. I am not talking about everyone who is corrupt mafia, one percent will be good, so the second thing I want to say is that in response to your question, Rana Sahib is criticizing the Chief Judge.

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Does Article sixty-nine of the Constitution say that any judge on The committees of the assembly of the court cannot interfere with any proceedings, so a single judge of the Islamabad High Court has done all the proceedings of the special committee which According To The Samaa News, I was heading and behind them the bureaucracy and non-league. Khawaja Asif Khawaja Saad Rafiqarana was Tandaq Malik and his bureaucrat in his ministry instead of giving respect to the court, he kept on forbidding that you are special i.e. Mandukhel’s committee.

The Deputy Speaker keeps coming again and again, so it seems to him that the decision of the judge of Peshawar High Court is being passed on to him today, but he does not remember, after going to Lahore, the decision of the judge of Lahore High Court is also in front of everyone. I even agree with Rana Sahib that a single-member judge has no right to make such a decision on the proceedings of any assembly.

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Army Chief Important Statement 

According To The Samaa News, or at the federal level as he has done in the entire election which is proceeding and has also made the whole of Pakistan in chaos. Give me an explanation, sir, because you are a lawyer, sir, please explain this too, sir. Obviously, the political parties are criticizing me a lot, probably because my voice is not reaching Qadir Mandukhel, sir.

Taknaeem Panjuta Sahib Sir Army Chief General Asim Munir has made a very important statement. Through false news on social media, an attempt is being made to create an impression that the state is losing its existence. The chief spoke very much. Thank you very much. See what the army chief has said to the extent that he has cleared it. Or regarding institutions, especially regarding the army.

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