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According to PTI News, The major players on the election pitch are clean, bold NA Navasi and NA one hundred and twenty-two founder PTI’s papers were rejected outside the constituency, and the objections of the proposers and Namal University being insolvent were approved. Forms of all the candidates including Parvez Elahi and the family were rejected. Usman Dar’s mother and brother-in-law were also not able to contest the election. There are also problems for the Mirza family from NA 223.

The papers of Shehbaz Sharif from Lahore and NA 242 from Karachi were declared valid. From nineteen and one hundred and forty-seven, the President of the Pakistan Party, NA, from one hundred inches, one hundred and fifty-five PP, from two hundred and twenty-seven to IP Page, Hangir Tarin, from one hundred and twenty-two, Chaudhry, and from NA, from seventeen, Firdous Ashiq Awan, from NA, forty-three, and from two hundred and sixty-five, the papers of Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

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Also, on the last day of the examination of nomination papers, there was disorder in many cities. In Gujranwala, Borewala, and Wahari, the police tried to detain candidates and propose candidates. Dealing with lawyers. Pervez Elahi from Gujarat and supporters of Shah Mehmood Qureshi were arrested in Multan. According to PTI News, State machinery is active against PTI candidates. Barrister Gauhar Khan’s accusation written in an expert post is a serious violation of election procedure and abuse of powers.

The workers will remain firm in the February 8 Takmaidan. The Sindh High Court Bar also expressed concern over the mistreatment of the candidates. The Election Commission has banned the PTI intra-party elections. Where will you sacrifice politics? On February 8, you have to decide who is a destroyer and who is a builder. Politics is going to hell. We love the state. Even if we have to sacrifice a hundred times, we will give it to Shahbaz Sharif’s challenge.

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I asked what will happen to the children and loved ones of the martyrs on May 9th, who was the architect and who was the destroyer, and let the people decide for themselves on February 8th. The government only destroyed the change. We saved Pakistan from bankruptcy. According to PTI News, Shahbaz Sharif faced difficulties with patience. Nawaz Sharif’s address to the parliamentary board. My politics starts and ends with Nawaz Sharif. The expression of Shahbaz Sharif. Maryam Nawaz’s services are unforgettable.

She never thought of joining politics. Cruelty to Nawaz Sharif forced him to come to the field. He is not greedy for office or ticket. Every order of the party will be on his face. Maryam Nawaz’s speech on the parliamentary vote of Noon League. Hamza Shahbaz’s determination to play an exemplary role as a worker. Nawaz Sharif wants to become the Prime Minister through notification, that’s why he is sitting silent.

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According to PTI News, He is not even running the election campaign. Criticized by Faisal Karim Kundi. During five years, the assets of PTI, the founder, increased by more than twenty-seven crores. Six crore rupees in bank accounts. A seven kanal eight marla house in Zaman Park, three hundred kanal land in Bani Galah, and six kanal sixteen marla land in Islamabad are also included in the assets. Ex-chairman PTI and his family kept the gift by paying Rs. The treasury suffered a loss of one billion fifty-seven crores.

So, in the Shahkhana case, the NAB report. DC Islamabad’s action of 3MPs exceeded the powers of the Islamabad High Court. According to the constitution, Islamabad is not a part of any province. Any decision can only be taken with the advice of the federal cabinet. What will he do now? Their kingdom does not remain forever but ours remains.

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Election 2024 | PTI Rejected

Think for yourself in politics. Asif Zardari’s interesting conversation with Sadiq Sanjrani. Lahore Police has arrested Umar Dar, the brother of Usman Dar, who is wanted in five cases. A major operation by the security forces in Tehsil Mir Ali of North Waziristan killed five terrorists including Commander Rahzeb alias Khore. Arms and ammunition were recovered.

Another 1,560 Palestinian martyrs, the total number has improved to 21,600. The Zionist Army also fired on the United Nations convoy. Hamas resisted fiercely. Twenty tanks were destroyed in forty-eight hours. It is hoped that the promises that have been made will be fulfilled and if fertilizer is available at a reasonable rate, there is no need for subsidy.

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