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According To The ARY News, Army Chief General Asif Munir’s address to the National Farmers Convention said that agriculture and livestock rearing has been the profession of almost every prophet. Agriculture and livestock rearing involves discipline, pain, growth, and patience. As a result of such a profession, we get immense rewards. Laequeur Rehman is present with us. The Army Chief added. General Syed Asif Munir, Chief of the Army, gave a historic address to the National Farmer Convention and said that rumors.

Negative things are being said about Pakistan, but you should know that both states were established in the name of the word Tayyaba State and the State of Pakistan. It is not just a coincidence, it was said by them that Pakistan is rich in resources, Pakistan has the Galicia River, mountains and fertile land, from which there are treasures like the world’s best rice, canoe, mango and granite, gold and copper. It was a developing country in Asia.

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But we forgot the three agricultural principles of the Quaid-e-Azam, Iman Ittehad organization, which led to the degradation of the green Pakistan initiative. According To The ARY News, The money will be paid for the farmers and agricultural research, and the role of the army in this is only for the service of the people and the farmers. Easy agricultural loans, cold storage chain, secure batch from the effects of climate change, and genetically engineered life stock will be ensured.

He said that all kinds of mafia will be done on the streets together with the people. By creating an atmosphere of hysteria, despair, and chaos on social media, the impression is being given through false news that the state is losing its existence. Let me tell you that during the army chief’s tenure, the farmers chanted Naara Takbeer and Pakistan Zindabad, and the slogans of Pakistan Army Zindabad were also raised. He said that rumors and negative things are being told about Pakistan.

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According To The ARY News, You should know that two states were established in the name of Karma, one state of Taiba and one state of Pakistan. This is not just a coincidence. Pakistan is rich in resources. The land produces the world’s best rice, kino, and fruits like mango. Pakistan has treasures like granite, gold, and copper. He said that we have forgotten the three principles of Quaid-i-Azam, faith, unity, and organization. He forgot the three principles of Quaid-i-Azam, which led to his degradation.

The aim of Green Pakistan is to work on agriculture first, most of the income of Pakistan will go to the provinces, and the income of Pakistan will help the farmers and agricultural research. Facilities will be available to farmers, easy agricultural loans, cold storage chain will be created, safe seeds will be supplied from the effects of climate change, it will be ensured that all types of mafias will be suppressed together with the nation, Army Chief General Asif Munir added.

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An atmosphere is being created through fake news that the state is losing its existence. After the speech of Army Chief General Asif Munir, the farmers kept chanting Long live the farmers during the convention. Two employees died in a fire in a factory near Port Qasim in Karachi. According To The ARY News, Khan, for whom it is being told that he was here, as soon as the fire happened, a rescue operation was started and more than twelve vehicles of the fire brigade also took part in extinguishing the fire.

The operation is from Sindh and they came to their DG. He said that now the fire has been completely controlled, the cooling process has also been completed and the rescue operation has been completed. He also confirmed that two people had died and One had been injured in it. The two persons who died have been identified. Yes, they have been identified. One is Jameel Ahmed Laghari, who is said to be a resident of Sanghar.

Dunya News Headlines Today 10:00 PM | Big Blow For Nawaz Sharif

The Army Chief Made A Big Announcement

According To The ARY News, He used to work as a laborer here and one is Abid Khan. He was an engineer, but as soon as the molten iron was being moved, he broke down from the crane and fell down. Those who were working below-caught fire, as a result of which they were severely injured and burned. No precautions were taken, but there were no precautions at all in this factory, there was no means of fire control, and there were no devices, after which the vehicles of the fire brigade arrived.

Thank you, Ali Ladla is what is called good to CO. The day of Nawaz Sharif’s punishment will be celebrated as a black day. After Shahbaz Sharif’s meeting with the MQM leadership in Bahadurabad, the former prime minister also admitted his failure to control inflation. National inflation could not be controlled in sixteen months, and the conspiracies of the conspiracies are on the rise.

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