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How To Apply For FIA Jobs? In this post, you will be told about the FIA jobs that have been announced in the federal investigation agency, which you can apply online from all over Pakistan for mail and names per mail. This is a very good opportunity. There are a large number of FIA Jobs. They will tell you how to apply, and who can apply, and they will share the complete process with you. The post does not need to be skipped. read it till the end.

Friends, go directly to the website and the link is in the description of the post. will meet Or you can directly search on Google. This is the website open in front of you Job Bazaar twenty-two dot Blockspant. You will find its link in the description of the post and you can also search directly. Now you have to open the first link where Job Bazaar is written and you have to click on it.

Qualification To Apply for FIA Jobs

And Pakistan FC here you have to simply click on it if you want and on it, you will see two links one is coming download. Advertisement means if you want to download the ad, click on it and if you want to apply online, you will see a link that tells you how to apply online, so click on the one you want. First of all, we have to rate its criteria, so we will first click on the link in the advertisement.

We are sharing the details of this with you. You can see the government of Pakistan’s federal government agency, which means FIA, there are jobs in it, and it tells you that there are uniform FIA Jobs and non-uniform jobs, which means there are civilians and uniform jobs, first of all. There are assistants in grade fifteen and three posts, the quota you can give is that those who have a graduation degree can apply, those who are aged eighteen to twenty-eight can apply,

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and those who are after that are suspected of investigation in grade fourteen and in this, you can apply. You can see the seats that are twenty-five, you can also see the further quota, the names of females can also apply, and the candidates from eighteen to twenty-five years of age can apply for those who have graduated, BABC, CBSE, SEBI, which are degrees. For six-person posts, you can see high two-up five point four followed by steno-typist twenty-three posts mails per mails both can apply.

And from eighteen to twenty-five years those who can apply both clerk mail and females in UDCs from eighteen to twenty-five. They can apply till the year, after that LDC is fifty-four posts, from eighteen to twenty-five years they can apply geometrical and typing speed should be thirty per minute your typing speed then come next it called ASI. There are fifty-three posts in this and in it the graduates can apply in it those who have names can apply in it.

How To Apply For FIA Jobs?

those who have a physical standard are absolutely SIM followed by constable forty-seven posts mail females both can apply in it matric your qualification. Apply For FIA Jobs per miles it has five points four for height five points and for miles the test which is thirty-three by thirty-four should be yours then constable driver there are twenty posts metro people can apply and LTV motorcycle license You should have a driver CSD, there are eight posts in it.

Primary pass holders can apply, besides that, there are deputy messengers on a local basis, meaning local residents from Punjab, Rawalpindi, ah Islamabad, can apply for it, and for primary, you can apply for it. There should be qualifications now the names are conditions they share with you that the posts are without uniforms now they tell you which are the posts without uniforms in it assistant DC LDC besides CST and besides that the names yes just this.

New FIA Jobs 2023 Apply Online 

There are posts, these are without uniform, and there are five years of age relaxation, if you have a maximum limit of twenty-eight years or twenty-five years, then add five years, then it becomes up to thirty-three years. If there is an investigation etc. then there is no relaxation in it which is from eighteen to twenty-five years they can also apply it now how to apply for FIA Jobs? you have to apply online from the website OTS open testing service You have to fill out the link which is given to you for the application form online.

And you have to submit the fee of one and a half hundred rupees. There will be a registration form which you will fill out online, this co-op has to print it, you will fill the form online, take out this copy, and along with it the original deposit slip which you will deposit the fee in the bank and attach it to the application form. You have to send it, which you can see at the address below, here you have to send it, the last date is August 15th.

New FBR Jobs 2023 Online Registration

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