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How To Apply For FBR Jobs? Friends, the Federal Board of Revenue means that FBR has announced jobs, as you know the new government of Pakistan is making many changes in the Federal Board of Revenue FBR and they want to improve the system of taxation. What a new employee is enough to recruit them, then the advertisement has come, in this post I am going to tell you the details about it, people from primary to master can apply and people from all over Pakistan can apply, both men and women.

Before doing the whole post, please subscribe to our website, because we keep giving you information about jobs, jobs, tests, etc. BRK works within the Pakistan Customs Department and it has different field formations. It is true that there are as many field formations as there are FBR Jobs in all of them. In hard field formation, those people will apply who are related districts.

Qualification To Apply for FBR Jobs

Yes, I am telling you the details. You have to read the whole post. I also have it. If you are interested, add me, then comment on your WhatsApp number below. Comment and I will also give you this ad. First of all, let’s talk about the model customs collectorate Islamabad, what is MCC Islamabad, this MCC means model customs collectorate, it is what they have all over Pakistan.

If the MCC comes, it will mean that the districts that work with Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Attock, and Islamabad are what they have for these FBR Jobs, what is Assam for these jobs? can apply. In the same way, I will tell you the districts of the collectorate. So those who are from Islamabad can apply in the collectorate of Islamabad in Inder Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Chakwal Attock, and Islamabad.

FBR Jobs Online Registration

It has stenotypist FBR Jobs. Fourteen is the same in Assamese. And those who will do it are the people who have told the district, they should have the educational qualification, which is speed eighty and typing speed for computers, those who have more computer skills will be preferred. Age is a minimum of eighteen years and a maximum of twenty-five years. Now I will not tell you about every job, you will see from here how much is the scale, what is the number of vacancies.

What is the regional provincial quota, what does the regional provincial quota mean, these people can do it in the district. After that, four seats are reserved for women and two seats are reserved for minorities. They will apply in these districts, which is 40 soldier jobs and a scale is 5 FBR Jobs. Their scale will also be the same, and what they have in front of them, etc., and all the things will be like this. See, what they have should be metric for a soldier.

How To Apply For FBR Jobs?

And their physical standard should be five feet six inches tall, and their chest should be thirty-two thirty-three point. It should be five inches and women candidates should have a height of five feet two inches. Now we are waiting for Model Customer Collectorate Faisalabad. The civil division under Faisalabad is Josargodha and Faisalabad Sargodha. Those who are in Faisalabad are the people of Surisargodha, Faisalabad who are the divisions within them. So people of all those districts can apply.

If you don’t know about your district yet, which division I belong to, or in which division I would apply, then you can tell me your district in the comment section and I will tell you that there is a soldier in it and the floor is filled with primary education and after that. The rest of the things are visible on the screen, how many FBR Jobs are there? I have told you all this once. You can see the screen from here.

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As many as Gujranwala, which is Sialkot MCC Sialkot, Gujranwala, which is a division, the people of its domicile have applied, the jobs in it are LDC, that is, the lower division clerk is for the soldier, who is the lower division clerk. It should be speed thirty. Umar should be less than eighteen, less than eighteen, more than eighteen, and less than twenty-five. After that, what is the number of vacancies, what is the quota, etc?

All this is visible from somewhere if you have any confusion, you can ask my mobile model customs. Collectorate of Lahore names, all the districts of Lahore, they can apply, there are steno-typist and data entry operator, LDC clerk, soldier, number, etc. If so, let me tell you about the educational background of an approved university, which is in physics, mathematics, statistics, or economics. If you don’t know its meaning, ask in the comment and I will tell you.

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