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How To Apply For MES Jobs? There are many jobs in military engineering services, there are enough jobs from basic pay scale one to basic pay scale fifteen, in which people from primary pass to master can apply. Domicile is the quota of which domicile means what is the quota of which province then what should be the age limit qualification and experience etc.

So before that please like to our website because we are important to you about university admission, MES Jobs, scholarships, job test preparation, etc. Keep giving information. At the end of this post, I will also tell you how to apply for the post. Now friends, read from here. This column is the name of the post, which is the post, it is of the basic pay scale, it is of vacancies, then the domicile says how much quota is there for which area, then there is age limit and qualification and experience.

Qualification To Apply for MES Jobs

For example, I have given you a Let me tell you, you have to see for yourself. If there is a post of assistant, there are fifteen to eighteen vacancies in it, two seats are open for merit, the rest are seven Sindh of Punjab, two Sindh urban Sindh, one of KPK, one of Balochistan, one of Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, one for women, one seat for women of Punjab.

There is one seat for women of KPK and one seat for non-Muslim women of Punjab, which is non-Muslim and Punjab i.e. Muslims of Punjab. If we talk about age, then the age should be minimum, i.e. eighteen years or more. Your age should be less than 18 years or less than 33 years i.e. more than 18 years or less than 30 years of age and you should be a graduate i.e. your education should be 16 years or 14 years of education or more. I will tell you about the post.

MES Jobs Online Registration

You have to see the basic scale of it, how many vacancies are there, how much is the quota, etc., how much is the age limit, etc., and how much is the qualification and experience? Apply For MES Jobs, So you will tell me how much should be for such and such a post. Then I will tell you in the comment. Thank you. Then there is the head clerk, who is also visible on the screen, all his things are after that, data entry operator, library assistant is after that, etc.

Sub-engineer electrical and mechanical grade three grade two electrical is sixty percent and mechanical is forty percent is about ninety-seven post which is close to your fifty-eight, the electrical ones will be the rest of the mechanical ones and the rest of the details are visible on the screen. After that, there is upper division clerk, upper division, which is the quota, etc. You can see it on the screen.

How To Apply For MES Jobs?

After that, there is a senior draftsman, so what is a basic pistol, everything is visible on the screen. After that, there is a lower division clerk. What is this quota, etc. you are seeing on the next page, after that is junior supervisor, furniture and store man, and after that is junior draftsman, junior cat, designer, draftsman, class B. Details are seen after is telephone operator, the telephone operator is followed by the laboratory assistant.

MT driver also speaks, that is, the general transport driver is after it, the printer is after the blue printer, the waiter is after the waiter, the deputy messenger is after the waiter and the end is after the deputy messenger after the financial is after the financial. It is visible, you can see after that and the end is yes, worker. Now I will tell you how you have to apply, so you have to go to a bank and take a pay order or a bank draft from there.

How To Join For MES Jobs In Pakistan?

You will get a pay order from any bank, you will get a bank draft or you can go to the post office or go to a big post office or the general post office, then you will get an order from there if you are doing any MES Jobs. The basic pay scale is from one to five, then you will take an order of two hundred rupees or a bank order, if you are doing MES Jobs from six to fifteen then you will take a pay order or postal order of four hundred rupees.

will come because it will be necessary to do that when you will do it online they will come for you then you have to come to this website very easy way to apply MES dot GOV dot P which will take five minutes you have They will put as many names as you have, your application will be done, Joining to MES Jobs, you will get the form, you have to print it, after applying, you have to put it with it. The address is to be sent again. OK, after that there are some instructions that your basic pay scale will be written test from six to fifteen.

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