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How To Apply For Social Welfare Jobs? Friends, what I am going to tell you in this post today is three hundred and forty-three, three hundred and forty-three vacancies of different categories in Punjab, and the applications required from all over Punjab are vacant for the various departments of Baitul-Mal, which is an institution of Social Welfare Jobs. These applications are required among them. And that means you can give these applications from all over Punjab.

So I will give the details because the numbers are more than them. It will take more time. So let’s go to our groom. Friends, first of all, there is a Social Welfare Jobs for a 14th scale Mail Nurse. Matric second division has been asked for it. And which is a diploma of a nurse. That is, registered midwife or registered grade nurse ah it must be. And the age limit for him is eighteen to thirty-three years. Apart from this, the one who will be posted next, that is, he will be posted in Drug Rehab Center Multan.

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Then on the next number per mail ah on the first number, there is a per mail nurse on the second number there is a per mail nurse for that ah set is one fourteen scale its age limit is eighteen thirty-three years also its qualification is mentioned above with matric second division register grade nurse or mado There is a placement in Africa course Multan followed by a Social Welfare Jobs for assistant work.

A, this graduation is sought for the second division ie B.A. The second division has an eighteen to thirty salary limit. After that there is a vacancy for an Accountant for the Thirteenth Scale B job has also been sought for the Second Division Age limit is eighteen thirty-three years. There is one vacancy for a computer and for this twenty-two-second division has been sought.

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And the diploma in computer eighteen thirty years age limit then junior clerk eleventh scale there are fifteen vacancies for this two-second division seven computer course is required i.e. twenty-five words per minute. There should be typing speed. Eighteen thirty years is his age limit and after that he is Warden. There are forty-three seats on the eleventh scale for Warden, that is forty-three seats and his BA second division has been asked.

Eighteen to thirty years is his age limit and forty-three seats for him. There are five Social Welfare Jobs for marketing organizers on the eleventh scale and for that, there is Bcom second division, there are thirteen vacancies for storekeepers for the eleventh scale, FA has been asked for it along with typing speed twenty-five words female i.e. computer course and eighteen to twenty-five years of experience for it. After that, there are thirty-six vacancies on the Supervisor Ninth Scale.

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that is, thirty-six, and this AFA has been asked for, and if he has a diploma in the related field of supervision, then he will be replaced. The age limit is eighteen to thirty years. And the next vacancies are for religious teachers, there are three vacancies, for this it is necessary to have a teaching course. And for this, the age limit is eighteen to thirty-three years.

And then a vacancy for a handicraft teacher for women. For this, FA Second Division has been sought. Eighteen and thirty-three years is the age limit. Then there are the vacancies of Child Care Workers. Ah, it is the 6th scale, FA has been asked for it, and if there is a diploma in child care, it will be preferred. The age limit is eighteen to thirty-three years. Then friends, there are two posts of number dispenser, and the matric second division has been asked for it.

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And if the coworker has a diploma. It will be preferable for contract dispensaries. Eighteen to thirty years is the agreement. There are eighteen posts of drivers. And listening to Middle Pass LTV or AHTV is essential. There is an eighteen-thirty-five-year agreement for this. Some friends ask that there should be a bike lesson, my brother. It is a four-wheeled vehicle. Is there a car or a wagon? It is important to read it. There are twenty-five posts on NAB Messenger. Primepass has been sought for this.

And eighteen years are his thirty-five years of age. After that, there are two Social Welfare Jobs of a readman. For this, it is necessary to be healthy and literate. And the age for him is also eighteen to thirty-five years. There are eighteen vacancies of Khakrob. Primary passes. Eighteen to thirty-five years is its age. Then the attendants are for both men and women. Fourteen vacancies for them, middle pass. Eighteen to thirty-five years of experience has been written like this.

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There are three posts of the middle pass and 18 to 35 years agreement, then there are 11 posts of cook, middle pass Hawas must have 20 to 35 years agreement, then there are seven posts of Dhobi, he also has a middle pass, he also needs to have 20 to 35 years agreement. So, friends, let me tell you about their appointment.

They can be appointed in any of the thirty-six districts of Punjab. So, friends, these Social Welfare Jobs are done. Now I will tell you their last date and how to apply. You have to write an application on a simple paper. Is. If you want to apply for each vacancy, you have to send a separate application.

You have to send the application through DAP by January 2024 after attaching the certified copies of all types of degrees along with the application written on plain paper, which includes all types of degrees, passports, one photograph, domicile, and identity cards.

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