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How To Apply For PPSC Jobs? Friends, in this post that I am going to share with you today, there is an advertisement for four hundred and forty three seats under the Punjab Public Service Commission, which are of different types, and they are vacant, and this education, which is metric, is up to FABA Master. I have gone and the names of the vacancies at the metric level are very many and what are they, I will tell you their full details.

So friends, let’s go to this post. If you people don’t understand, then read our post again and again or you can go to the relevant website and check these things. The total number of assistant eleventh scale PPSC Jobs is one hundred and twenty PPSC Jobs, his grade is eleventh, metric has been asked for it and along with it, the diploma of assistant field has been asked for in agriculture field and friends, the age limit for him is male, female.

Qualification To Apply for PPSC Jobs

Eighteen to thirty-five years for male, eighteen to thirty-eight years for female, and for male, female, all three can come from Punjab, those who have domicile of Punjab and tell them what are the next PPSC Jobs for them. Among them there are thirty-six vacancies, the second one is field assistant i.e. crop reporter is special for them, the eleventh scale is for them and metric has been asked for them as well.

He must be from the department, the age limit is eighteen thirty-five years for mail and eighteen thirty-eight years for mail. So this mail, per mail can be applied by persons having domicile of Punjab. Next number which are different types of posts are three posts, let me tell you planning officer for 10th grade MBBA or master degree is asked for.

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In economics or in statics, the age limit for them is thirty-five per mile for thirty-eight years and can be posted anywhere in Punjab. So friends, those who are senior planning officer grade 18th, MBBA or MBA or master degree is sought in economics or in mathematics and the age limit for that is thirty five. And it has been kept for thirty-five years female, those who have domicile of Punjab can apply.

Friends, the vacancies which are on the next number are total seventy-two PPSC Jobs, there are better vacancies in which one is on openmerit and two are for special candidates. Choices for Minority Quota ie Minority Quota. After that there are twelve posts for women quota or women. Totally better vacancies. And Computer Operator. Total Seventy Vacancies of Computer Operator.

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ICS Second Division has been requested for this. Or the intermediate second division has been sought. with one year Computer Diploma. In other words, if you have ICS, you have not been asked for a code diploma. If it is intermediate FA or FSC then it is necessary to have a one year computer course for it. Eighteen to thirty years for male and eighteen to thirty three years for female is the age limit for it.

What is on the number is Deputy Accountant, Accountant, i.e. 14th grade, on regular basis, these posts are one hundred, these are 100 posts on total, i.e., 49 on open merit, similarly, there are 9 for special people, disabled people come here, so the minority quota is eight, women are sixty-two and The special zone quota is thirty-one. He has 16th grade and BA second division has been asked for him, no quad diploma from any university has been asked, no experience has been asked.

How To Apply For PPSC Jobs?

Eighteen to thirty years for mail and eighteen to thirty three years agreement for each mail can apply. So guys, like this, the following are the different types of posts, the numbers are 18 posts of stenographer, stenographer, and for them, FSC is asked for, FAFSC with Diploma in Computer, and the next number are the different types of posts, which include Associate professors are wanted for MBB within surgery of 9th grade and then similarly.

There are vacancies within associate professor cardiology also MBBS is preferred for them likewise associate professor within nephrology senior registrar for all these MBB So the total assignments are made, friends, these are the four hundred and forty assignments, now I will tell you how to apply, how to apply.

Along with the deposit slip i.e. challan form you have to take out the challan form of 600 rupees for grade 17 and 18 and then fill up the challan form of 1000 rupees for grade 19 and 20 and submit this original form online on the website of Punjab Public Service Commission.

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