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How To Apply For PAEC Jobs? In today’s post, we are going to tell you in detail about Pakistan and the form that has to be done with its application, we will also tell you how to apply, that is, how to fill it out. Keep reading this post until the end. Friends the first PAEC Jobs is that of an SR technician. It belongs to the boiler operator. is indicated in the scale bar. A qualification is a Second Class Boiler Engineer Certificate or Third Class Certificate.

Experience which is looking. Four years of relevant experience is good for scale tests. After that, there are no regular posts. After that what are Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical, Auto, Plumbing, HE, BIS, Boiler, and any buffalo, ok? The qualification he sought is a three-year diploma in Associate Engineering with first division and within the relevant pad is a polytechnic institute.

Qualification To Apply for PAEC Jobs

Well, the third-class manga is here. After that, both things he has dealt with. No experience was asked for A and no experience was asked for B either. For this see A did not ask for experience, but for Thabi four years of experience was sought. Applying For PAEC Jobs, And this pose is regular. The computer operator has B.Sc with BCS or BIT and D who has asked for a diploma, DA from the polytechnic institute, and other things is experienced,

they have not asked for anything, this is a regular post. PJR Library Assistant. The qualification should be Bachelor of Library Sciences with First Division. No experience is required, the regular post also means the junior computer is fine, a six-month course with FSC and ten thousand speed of computer application is fine. This is the FSC computer science division with ten thousand for both the experience is not asked with FSC and matriculation and science two years which is friendship it should be.

PAEC Jobs Online Registration

No experience was asked for the first A. For B, they asked for two years of experience on a contract basis, after that it is for technical to medical, matric, one year, experience, matric, two years, government institute or FS First Pre-Medical. Joining PAEC Jobs, Yes Diploma in First Division and three years experience for A is asked for B two years and no experience for C this is a data entry operator PAEC Jobs on a contract basis.

then matric is asked with science fifty percent marks or six computer courses five thousand k With matric with eighty percent they have also asked for two years of experience for both A and B also after that second mn of technical three matric is fine eight last fifty percent marks with matric science they have experience They have asked for enough years, even if they have six years of experience, five years of experience is good for six years and for B, five years is fine.

How To Join For PAEC Jobs?

After that, it is on a contract basis. A minimum height of LTV is also required. Height should be 168 cm. 3 years experience. Contact Twenty Ton Door Chemical pass qualification. 6 years experience. And if it is on a contract basis, now we tell you how to apply or how to send it. Its last date is December 31st. Before that you have to do and send everything to this address which is at this address SR Admin Officer East PO Box Number Seventy One Karachi Seven Fourteen Thousand Two Hundred.

It is ok here they have given it you have to write your own here If you want to write your name, you have to write your ID card number here, you have to write your father’s ID card number, you have to write your father’s ID card number. You have to put my photo on the inside of the centimeter. And first of all, you have to look here, you have to tell about the post for which you are applying here.

How To Apply For PAEC Jobs?

Applying for PAEC Jobs, After that, as an interview, you have to tell them the address, the mailing address is fine, he has a phone or cell number, he has to write the phone number, the cell number is an email, then he has to tell you, you have to tell your domicile, then you are Muslim, Hindu or whatever you say here, see here. Mailing refers to the place where you are posted for the test or interview, the address, you have to tell us about the qualification.

You tell me, what was the starting date, what was the rationale, and how much you worked in the organization, you will tell here. Then you have to tell the academic record, you have to tell the qualification, you have to tell the degree or certificate in SSC, you have to tell that of the SSC matric, how you have to tell the passing year, you have to tell it.

You have to tell the matric, you have to flash all the columns in this way. If you have done any course, then you have to tell me about it the name of the course, how many years or how many months it was, when did it start and when did it end? Then you have to tell the name of the institute. The date selected is to tell the date you are sending this course, that is to click this application.

New PAC Jobs 2023 Online Apply

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