Bol News Headlines Today 29 Dec 2023 | PTI Bat Symbol Case

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According To Bol News, They will provide the necessary support to the election commission in the general elections. The assurance of the Corps Commanders Conference. According to ISPR, it was decided in the two-day Corps Commanders’ Conference under the chairmanship of Army Chief General Asif Munir that the Pakistan Army will provide necessary. Sepahsalar emphasized maintaining the standard of professionalism during the operations.

Pakistan Army will continue to provide all kinds of assistance to the relevant government institutions to prevent crimes. The forum made a comprehensive review of actions against smuggling, money laundering, power theft, and hoarding. The participants expressed concern about safe havens for terrorist groups in Cyprus countries. It is tantamount to an attack on the authority of the election commission. It is the high court of a province,

Bol News Headlines

According To Bol News, How can it give its decision to the issue of the whole of Pakistan? The decision of Peshawar High Court is an attack on the independence of the Election Commission. Shahbaz Sharif is saying how can the court of a province give the decision of the whole country. According To Bol News, The commission gave a fact-based decision on the PTI elections. Shehbaz Sharif, who is a member of dozens of political personalities in the party, said that the Non-League is going to become a powerful party in Sindh.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Faiz Isa. The hearing will be held on January 2. Controversial figures should be removed from the monitoring setup. Chairman People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto demands that the League is not selling to PIA, it is buying. PTI should apologize for what it has done. The work of snatching nomination papers is being done for no reason.

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Chairman People’s Party condemned the arrest of Shah Mahmood Qureshi. They said they don’t want some player to come and impose some coward on Punjab. PTI is not being abused, the project is being done, and the nation is in fear of the destruction of the country’s economy. According To Bol News, A government was formed to recognize Israel. Quaid-e-Azam called Israel an illegitimate child. The caretaker prime minister is incapable of politics. Justice Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb issued a written order for the hearing and declared the statements of the nine witnesses against the law.

After September 21st, the statements of twelve witnesses were recorded in the open trial. The open trial cannot be in-camera at the mere request of the prosecution. In the Cyprus trial, the special court issued certified copies of witness statements. The court will examine the certified copies. That there may be any harm to the state or not. Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s request for physical remand in the 12 cases of May 9 was rejected.

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Bol News Headlines Today 29 Dec

The court ordered to send him to jail on judicial remand. Shah Mehmood Qureshi came and said that I was implicated in a false case. May 9 Korawal Pindi did not also exist in Punjab. According to the constitution, Khan Sahib is qualified. We hope that the judiciary will accept the nomination form of Khan Saheb, God willing. Even if they reject, the appeal will be open and God willing, they will participate. Khan Saheb is not letting the rest of the workers get confused.

Go from Buzdar to Kohistan of KPK. Efforts were made in every place where people from there are facing difficulties in submitting their nomination papers. The caretaker set-up has forgotten the values, how can it be possible to conduct a transparent election? Chairman PTI barrister Gohar’s objection, speaking to the media outside Adiala Jail, said that the chairman was informed about the injunction received from the high court about the cyber case.

PTI Bat Symbol Case

According To Bol News, Our struggle is for the supremacy of the constitution and the law, as the people were kept out of the democracy and the election process. We hope that the court will do something by fulfilling the requirements. Nawaz Sharif’s papers from Mansehra were approved. In Multan, objections were raised on the papers of Jahangir Tareen and Aamir Dogar. Raja Riaz’s forms were found to be correct. The request to remove Gifwad Hasan Fawad from the post was rejected.

The election commission gave a reserved decision on the petition against the caretaker privatization minister. The petitioner had accused Fawad Hasan Fawad of political affiliation. In the decision, it was said that Fawad Hasan Fawad is the Minister of Privatization and he cannot be influenced by the election process. He has been working in important positions in the past. The request seems to be a personal grudge. Pakistan’s economic model has become dysfunctional.

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