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How To Apply For PPHI Jobs? Friends, the job I have for you today is PPI Sindh, so what is this PPI Sindh, what does it do, is it the medical department, I will tell you the rest, what are the other details, what are the PPHI Jobs in this, here discuss everything. The detail you can read is PPI Sindh’s website, see PPHISI and DH dot ORG. If you want to understand what PPSN is and what it works and how you can apply.

If you want to apply then read this website first and then what is the name of the brother. That’s me kid but before that, I will show you about my WhatsApp group and how you can join our WhatsApp group yes friends as you have seen how you can join a WhatsApp group then remember this thing If you want to send a message on WhatsApp, don’t do a sample message, don’t make any calls, but message on WhatsApp with your number.

Qualification To Apply for PPHI Jobs

I will send you your link, you will join our group. Yes, your domicile should be from Sindh, in which you can see, Yes, there are vacancies for the whole of Sindh, including Karachi, so I will tell you about the vacancies in Karachi separately. Read it carefully and check the other things as well. The procedure for applying is the same.

Well, see this director’s IT salary which is three lakh thirty five thousand rupees go to the head office in Karachi which is determined, and see MS Computer Science Eighteen years of experience in computer science you can read all the details. After that, the Director of Health Services is also at the head office in Karachi. Well, the name is MBBS. You can also read more details from here.

PPHI Jobs Online Registration

Join to PPHI Jobs, After that, see what the vacancy that in Karachi, we will see it here below. Look at this, this is the medical officer woman who is eighty-seven thousand four hundred. Their salary and medical officer who are male is seventy-five thousand nine hundred. Their salary is required for all districts of Sindh including Karachi. BBS month two years experience is preferred.

So MBBS is enough. Well, after that let’s see, let’s move on, let’s see this, another vacancy has come up, Assistant Manager, 66 one soupchase salary, for head office Karachi, MBBS, BBS is fine, all this is one year experience, whatever the details, read it. can. After that as a software developer, my salary is 63 thousand two hundred and fifty rupees, head office Karachi. Sixteen years of education in the field of company science. You can read the rest of the details here.

How To Apply For PPHI Jobs?

After this system HR admin, forty thousand two hundred and fifty rupees is in it salary. Head office Karachi, BBA, BBA two years of experience, see the remaining details, please read the post here, please post the post, more vacancies are in Karachi. The salary is forty thousand two hundred and fifty rupees, because this head office is in Karachi, all the details are computer science department, sixteen years of education, three years of experience in MS office, after that, what other vacancy is there in Karachi?

Salary is general nursing diploma in nursing and women will be preferred. Males will not be preferred. Even if males, can join the job, women will be given preference. I have shared the details of the current course of Lady Health Visitor of Twenty Five Thousand and Three Salary Lady Health Visitor. You can see my second post. You will see the job. The salary is 28,980 rupees. The rest is in all the districts of Sindh. You can see the details.

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You can also see it here. Yes, this is Total Karachi PPHI Jobs. How to apply. See that you have to go to their job hotel before November 10, 2019, that is, you have to go to the website and click on the form. You can see the rest of the notes here. OK, I will show you the online form. You can read more notes from here and you can also get the details from their website.

Yes see it has arrived PPHI Cedat org slash PPHI Jobs ok now see here online NIC and password so if we have not created account before that there is view pocket detail then you will click on view job. Look at the details of the 5th of October, if you click here, the same ad will be downloaded in English, you can read it, you can see it, you can understand it. And if you want to apply, click on CreateAccount. First, you will create an account here.

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