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How To Apply For Iraq Visa? In today’s post, we will talk about a large number of jobs in Iraq, in Pakistan, we will discuss them in full detail. Because if many people get good information related to the job, then you know that it is a work of charity. You must share it with your friends. There are a large number of jobs and CV selections for Iraq. Let’s talk in full detail. I have posted the previous post and its link is also in the description on top of this post I will tell you that the smart selection is going on.

Today I will tell you which place. But the CV selection is going on and some brothers also said sir, tell me the name of the agency, tell me the name of the institute, tell me the name of the company, then we will give you the complete information in this post today, so the post is mandatory. Let’s start today’s post. Today’s job is urgently needed for Iraq and it is the project of Karbala oil referencery and we will talk with full detail.

Work Visa For Iraq From Pakistani

Salary is based on American dollars and basic duty will be ten hours per hour based on American dollars. You can see on your screen what is the rate. God willing, we will make today’s post with details. Please don’t skip it and read the post with full details later. They call me and make comments and send emails in which I can’t give you information because there are many people who are calling me, so please read the full post with satisfaction, if you don’t understand, then you can contact me.

After that, it’s folding for man admin and computer operator civil farewell, their quantity is also written in the side, you can see it, and the salary is also in US dollars, you can also see it on the side, you can see it after that, it is concrete. worker steel fixer-planning supervisor how many people do you want, the quantity is written along with it, then there is material, concrete, and helper.

Iraq Visa For Pakistani

Yes, it is written in the same, you can see and after that painting for mandatory and supervisor who is of big category, their salary which will be according to their qualification and their quantity is written in the same, you can see very well, they want technician, painter and after that. Yes, welders and fabricators are also required. The contract period is for two years.

Accommodation, medical, transportation, and food, all are free from the company. Ten hours is basic duty. Yes, and this is a job for Iraq. For those who want to apply related to the Iraq Visa, this is that your complete documents will not be PDF files, and GP files will not be accepted, what you have to do is to make your best CCV in the file, and your complete documents, your experience letter and this Apart from this, you have to mail the photocopy of your recent photo, passport.

How To Apply For An Iraq Visa?

And all the documents that you have to this email, and after mailing, God willing, the details of the test interview may happen in the next week. I will share that with you. If any brother wants to prepare his documents like a CV and cover letter and if you want to prepare the file, then you can get our service, so you can contact me on WhatsApp only and only if documents. I am not providing any Iraq Visa related to it. I am not an agent or sub-agent of any agency.

If you have any kind of documents or if you want to apply online, you can contact me on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp number is attached. Documents of any kind, cover letter, CV, complete documents, we will prepare them and send them by email. Yes, friends, we were talking about the Iraq visa, how you applied, and the full details of the job.

Iraq Visa For Requirement

I have told you which category of people are needed. If you don’t understand, you can read the full details by reading the post. You have to send complete documents to this email. If you guys want to visit the office directly, the name of the office is Shahzad Askari Technical Institute, this is the Lahore office and they have test interviews in large numbers.

Let me tell you that this institute is a technical institute and the name of this agency. Rahahoon Personal Service Bureau is the agency of Karachi, where these Iraq Visa have arrived at the moment, you can go and check the official website of the government.

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