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How To Apply For Armenia Visa? This is not the post, it is for the four urban countries. Here, if you want to apply for candidacy, then do not do it. Here, we need four categories. The first one is for the supermarket. For the supermarket, we can have ten people. Both educated and educated people will go. Even if you have never gone, you can apply. Even if you have not gone, you can apply for Armenia Visa, People from twenty to forty-five years of age can apply.

The total charges for this vacancy are Two lakh twenty thousand which the original passport has to be deposited in the Bombay office, your flight will be from Bombay, your flight will be from Bombay airport, it is OK, advance is compulsory with the original passport, if the company account is given, then you have to pay in the company account.

Work Visa For Armenia From Pakistani

The category is Factory Helper. Inside FactoryHelper, you will be shown a post of the factory. You need five people to do the helping work inside the factory. Well, I told you guys about Salary Sam in Indecurrency. The salary there will be around 390,000. Okay fine. There will be sixty-five thousand salary. People from twenty years to forty-five years of age can apply for factory help. And the total charges in it are two hundred and twenty thousand, out of which the advance payment is thirty-five thousand.

After the Armenia Visa, you have to collect the full payment. When a copy of the Armenia Visa is given to you, you have to make the full payment so that the ticket, etc. is made and given to you. I will also tell you the payment mode, how to turn, and how to pay. The welder needs a Tick Welder inside the welder. Ok, there is an arc welder, which needs an arc welder, ok, CS is needed. Ok, you guys should do the welding of the pipes, etc.

Armenia Visa For Pakistani

At least 60% of you guys should come to do welding. It’s okay. The rest of you guys will have to interview there because after going, the welder will have to give a practical interview. Then they will select you. Okay, five people are needed. People up to forty-five years old can apply. The charges are two hundred and twenty thousand. The original passport has to be couriered to the Bombay office or you can courier it to the Gujarat office. Both are fine.

The last category is the work of five people. From 20 years to 45 years, these people can apply. OK, and the total amount is 200,000, 200,000. The last date to apply is the 10th of the fourth month. Apply For an Armenia Visa, ECRECNR will last for ten days. Both passports are accepted. Educated and uneducated freshers can apply. Next, I will show you the post. It is okay to work. Helping is okay. Here you guys have seen the post of the factory.

How To Apply For An Armenia Visa?

Now here I will tell you all the detailed terms and conditions. What are the terms and conditions of the company? The last date for applying for this vacancy is to apply before the 16th. If the seat is available, it is okay. If it is not after the date, then there is no problem. Many people call, then they are told that it is not valid. It is OK. If it is valid, then send a copy of the passport.

The ten date is the date of its last vacancy. The processing time will be ten days. Have you ever gone abroad before? Even if you haven’t gone, you can apply. OK, ECRECNR, both passports are accepted. OK, Join to Armenia Visa, the total charge is 200,000. An advance payment of 35,000 rupees is to be deposited. We should have the number of any of your family members who know that you are going out. It is fine.

The charges for food and accommodation from the company are 14 to 15 thousand rupees for lodging and food. It is fine and local. Transportation You will get all these things. After reaching there, a social card will be made for you. The timing of the job will be a total of 11 hours. It’s okay if you don’t work after you go there. You talk at the instigation of a third person. You are responsible for whatever you do. It’s okay. Yes, it is good to remember that both passports are accepted documents.

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