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How To Apply For MOD Jobs? New jobs have been announced by the Ministry of Defense in the whole country. These are about one thousand seats. In today’s post, I will tell you the details and the complete way to try. Assistant director, his scale is seventeen for him education sector class grade C, MA, MSc or its equivalent degree from twenty-two to thirty-five years these seats are open merit three, twenty from Punjab, three from Sindh urban, five from Sindh, KPK Five, four from KPK, two from Balochistan.

One set from GB Fata Kedu and Azad Jang. Then number two is Assistant Director Engineering for MSc or equivalent in Telecommunication and MSc or equivalent for that. Applying for MOD Jobs, Equivalent to telecommunication electronics satellite communication aeronautical engineering should be in its latest subject and the first division should be from 22 to 1st year one is the exit of Punjab two Sindh after that system director computer programming its scales seventeen for that M.Sc computer science system analysis.

MOD Jobs 2023 Online Registration

Software engineering, computer system engineering, or its equivalent must have a minimum of seven class C degrees and an age limit of 22 to 35 years of open merit, two from Punjab, ten from Sindhurban, one from KPK, three from Balochistan, then number four is traffic analysis supervisors. Scalesixteen is required for graduation or its equivalent in the first division. If you are in X service, then you must have intermediate and eight years of traffic analysis and there is an aged event from twenty to thirty-three years in Navia Airport.

This is from the city of Punjab. Subdivisional BNR, its scale is sixteen, for that, B.Tech honors in civil technology and five years of practical are required after DAE, then how to join for MOD Jobs? and the age limit is from B to thirty-three years. These are only from Punjab Balochistan. To be registered with the Wifernursing Council, there should be one year of certified nursing course in addition to the midwife course.

How To Apply For MOD Jobs?

The age limit is from B to thirty-three years. Minute typing speed Computer knowledge and six weeks basic ID training course done Agelimit is from thirteen to thirty-three years These are two seats only Punjab is next in number Traffic analyst His scale is fourteen for him Graduation or it’s equivalent and if you X In the service, you should have five years of experience in traffic analysis, army navy is eighteen to thirty years, these seats are open merit, Punjab, Sindh urban, after that sub-inspector, his grade is fourteen,

for this, you should have graduation or equivalent education if you are an ex-serviceman. Then those who have education and eight years of experience can also apply, from eighteen to thirty years, then security sub-inspector, his grade is fourteen, for X-serviceman in graduation, and eight years of experience from eighteen to thirty years, then sub-engineer.

How To Join For MOD Jobs?

This scale is fourteen, for that B.Tech should have equivalent education in telecommunication, electronics in Iran article in engineering or in its subject eighteen to thirty years of age in Punjab, Sindh, and KPK these seats. Applying for MOD Jobs, After that technician his scale is fourteen It requires five years of practical in DAA, telecommunication electronics, aeronautical engineering, or its related subject. For health servicemen, there will be metric education.

After that number is thirteen on subdivisional officer E and the scale of EMAS is fourteen. For this, B. Tech in electrical technology, two years of experience, 18, 30 years of e-limit, Punjab, Sindh, urban, and Balochistan are the seats, after that all engineers, the scale is 11. Two years experience from eighteen to thirty years in Punjab and Azad Jammu Kashmir one set each after that upper-division color for this intermediate forty times per minute computer knowledge.

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joining to MOD Jobs, And six weeks IT course should be from eighteen to thirty years draftsman its scale is eleven for this one should have metric and two years kaka diploma eighteen to thirty years age limit ac technician for that metric with diploma eighteen to thirty years age limit security assistant sub-inspector his scale is nine for his graduation or this Education equivalent to second vision or intermediate education and five years experience of armed force should be eighteen to thirty years age limit.

After that is the operator’s special scale is nine for that intermediate first division or metric if you are an army officer with five years experience then lower division Doing, his scale is nine metric, education for him, typing speed, three words per minute, computer knowledge, from eighteen to thirty years, a limit, after that, lady health visitor, his scale is nine.

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