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How To Apply For Pakistan Railway Jobs? A lot of vacancies have been made by Pakistan Railways, especially for those who are metric pass candidates who are looking for jobs, there is a lot of opportunity for them because there are a lot of vacancies, and you can apply for them. Friends, I have opened an ad, Pakistan Railway Jobs Headquarters Office, Lahore is inviting applications from candidates for recruitment on a permanent basis to the Railways Headquarters Office, Lahore.

So first all are engineer vacancies. Sub Engineer Civil Vacancy is also seven ie first sub engineer it’s basically eleven. Twenty-four total vacancies are required for him in metric second, his basic page is eleven, four total vacancies are required for him in metric second, and three-year diploma association, civil technology. Year Diploma in civil technology computerized rafting is on auto gate or passenger number three all engineer works.

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It is also eleven for him four eases should learn metric. Along with science, a three-year diploma associate civil technology is at the fourth position, sub-engineer bridge, its basic base is eleven, two posts are metric second division with science and a three-year diploma associate engineering civil technology is at number five, sub-engineer drawing DOHQ, its basic base is also eleven.

There are two vacancies in the second division metric, which should be metric in science, and three three-year diplomas in associate engineering in civil technology, then number six in all engineering operations, three vacancies, basic eleven is metric second division with association mechanical technology, number seven in sub-engineering water supply. There is one vacancy, basically, it has eleven metrics with second division and three years associate engineering civil technology number is on eight.

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Civil technology is at number nine, all engineering maintenance has one set, basic skill metric is second with science, and three-year diploma association electrical technology is at number ten, all engineering maintenance is also one set, basic skill is metric second with science and three Annual Diploma Association, mechanical, followed by number eleven, sub-engineering, welding.

Its basic base scale is eleven, with three total posts in science and mechanical technology, followed by sub-engineer, followed by sub-engineer electrical, of which six posts of sub-engineer, electrical power. Joining to Pakistan Railway Jobs, There are eleven for him with metric second division science and three three-year diploma associate engineering in electrical electronic technology number two is all engineering power van basically eleven is one vacancy metric science with second division.

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and three-year diploma associate auto diesel technology followed by sub engineer signal There are eleven vacancies in the shop for this three-year diploma associate engineer mechanical technology with metric second division science number four is sub sub engineer signal basic for this it is eleven five vacancies metric second division science and three year diploma associate electrical electronic technology sub engineer mechanical Ninety-six posts number.

One is sub-engineering carriage and wagon, its basic pay scale is eleven, forty posts must be in second division, diploma associate with science, engineering and mechanical, technology number two, sub-electrical diesel, Applying for Pakistan Railway Jobs, its basic pay scale is eleven, seven posts are second with metric science. And three years diplomas in technology electrical electronic number three sub-engineer drawing DFI is a vacancy basic pay scale is an eleven-second division with metric science.

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Half-year diploma half associate engineering in mechanical technology and a month diploma should have computer number four is sub engineer CNW feeder’s One vacancy is eleven basic pay scale-matric science with a second diploma in mechanical technology number five is sub engineer and millwright there are two seats basic space basic base scale it’s eleven is matric science with second.

And three years diploma in technology or mechanical power technology number six sub engineering coach builder There are two vacancies, of course, there are eleven metric three-year diploma in engineering and mechanical, after that sub-engineer is molder, one seat is eleven basic pay skill, metric science with second vision and three-year engineering and mechanical technology is on number nine, sub production stand, it has two seats, eleven basic skill is metric. With a second vision and three years of drama and mechanical technology, all engineers are blacksmiths.

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