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How To Apply For WAPDA Jobs? In this post, I am going to tell you about Peshawar Electric Supply Company, that is, thirty-five hundred and eleven new vacancies have been announced in Whapda, their details and the procedure to apply in them. Will see. Viewer Ah WAPDA Jobs Description is something like this first line superintendent posts bps its fortine. There are about 50 vacancies for which he should have matriculation education and three years diploma in electrical or electronics technology.

After that there are fifty-six vacancies in Ah Exo and ninety-eight above open merit. For women means the sixteenth for women. Eight seats have been reserved for the disabled and three for the disabled. And twenty percent has been quoted. For Employ’s Children i.e. those who are employed in All Ready Department. Thirty-one seats have been reserved for them, and they have eighteen to thirty years of age in all the vacancies.

Qualification To Apply for WAPDA Jobs

In addition, Ah viewer meter reader is kapost. Ninth scale FFSSc education is required for this there are two hundred and twenty vacancies with second division and one hundred and sixty one are above open merit. Four vacancies have been reserved for disabled persons, eleven for minors and forty-four vacancies for employees’ children. Then there are blood distributors.

There should be five hundred thirty vacancies, three hundred and eighty seven vacancies are on open merit, eleven are for disabled and twenty six one hundred six are for children and employee’s children. joining to WAPDA Jobs, After that, Assistant Lineman is the most important post and the most advertised post is ALM. In this I will tell you the complete procedure of applying.

WAPDA Jobs Online Registration

The first physical parameters of this are the age limit eighteen to thirty years including general agency. Well, people above the age limit of eighteen to thirty years cannot apply. Medical category is A. Medical Medical category means that you should be fully fit. Height should be five feet four inches and your chest should be thirty two inches. The weight should be according to the body weight chart. There are twenty six hundred five vacancies. Nineteen candidates are above open merit.

One hundred and thirty are for womenarties. There are five Swakas available for employees’ children. Many people are having problems applying to the audience. I will tell you how to apply in this WAPDA Jobs, almost all people will understand. InshaAllah, what you have to do to apply is the first thing you have to do is go to a website, you have to go to it, you have to do an application. The form is to download the application form two processes are given one is the online part and one is the hard copy of the documents i.e.

How To Apply For WAPDA Jobs?

The same way you send the application NTS or OTS to any testing service there is one process and two processes. One is kept online and one ah paper ah manual is kept this system ah I will recommend you that which is manual system is paper system is application system its throw you send application first time this ah are using online portal.

So kindly I will request you to send the application ah the paper ah the manual method through it. The fee for the viewer is seventy six rupees and in that ah I will now tell you where you downloaded the application. What to do and how to do it. First of all, you have to go to Google to apply for WAPDA Jobs. It has been written like this. Click on it, after clicking on it, this is the application, it will open a website. This website has been opened. Viewers, after opening this website, you will see three lines on the right side.

New WAPDA Jobs 2023 Apply Online 

You have to click on the lines of red color. After clicking on these three lines, this option will open. Online Result and Contactors etc. First of all you have to go to open WAPDA Jobs. There you have to see that you want to apply in opx for revenue officer for line manager for meter reader for bill distributor for almk I want to apply in late spousal for almk. So, if I want to apply, I will click here on the view details.

Clicked on the view details and all these details have appeared. And here both methods are mentioned, you want to download the application form or you want to apply online, I don’t recommend you the online option. Download your application form. This is manual method but easy. This application form will be downloaded. This application form is downloaded.

Yes, it has been downloaded. This application form has arrived. First of all there were simple SIMs like NTS. Ah, the application form is similar. In it you have to write your name, father’s name, ID card number, above the sixth number you have to write your gender or mail per mail, mail will apply for ALM. After that you have to write Religion, Date of Birth has to be written.

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