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Punjab Police Jobs

How To Apply For Punjab Police Jobs? Friends, let’s talk about jobs. Friends, there is good news for the people of Punjab. A great job has been announced by the Punjab Police. The Future of Punjab Police Punjab Safe Cities Authority Employment Opportunity. Friends, in this post we will talk in complete detail. What is the requirement in this post? Which Punjab Police Jobs and what is the job, God willing, you don’t have to skip the post, God willing, this is your brother.

The film will help friends, talk about the job. Friends, his salary is 30 thousand rupees and there is also regulation in PPI Center Lahore project. If we have the basic requirement and qualification and age within it, the age limit is twenty-one to twenty-five years for mail and twenty-one to twenty-eight years for mail. Years on the Last Date of Advertisement Two examples only for Punjab BCS, BBA, IT, BAIS, Telecom, MB, IT, MCS, MSc, IT of IT-related sixteen-year education.

Information To Apply for Punjab Police Jobs

And quota and quota Friends, if we talk, which test is it? Inshallah, in this post, you will see the results of the NTS service in Pakistan, and inshallah, in this post, I will tell you in complete detail how to apply for it. Is. The friends of General Trump and the condition will complain that this is all written by Dallas. And Special Needs Are Encouraged To Apply,

Friends, Authority Has A Right, Friends, all this is written in its complete detail, and what is your grade, etc., is HEC, i.e. Case of Final Selection, HE verified degree, transit in late required friends, joining to Punjab Police Jobs, all the details are written in it. God willing, now we are talking about how to apply in it, now I will tell you how you have to apply in it. Friends, download the application form and deposit it from the NTS website www.nts Bank of the Contribute Online Branches ABL Meezan Bank HBL Fail of the application form.

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Friends, you have to send all your documents attested. Missile, two passport size, photograph, or long with original application form and da per deposit slip and you have to send it. NTS HQ Islamabad Plot Nintisix STREET 4 HAT I HAT ONE ISLAMABAD WITH IN FIFTEENIES PUBLICATION OF ADVERTISEMENT. FRIENDS YOU HAVE TO APPLY IN THIS ONLY WITHIN 20 DAYS NOW I AM GOING TO YOUR NTS WEBSITE Let’s go to the NTS website.

Friends, we have come to National Testing Service Pakistan, ah friends, what you have to do, first of all you have to visit the NTS website. OK, friends, and you have to click on New Project. Applying for Punjab Police Jobs, As soon as you click on New Project, this interface will open in front of you. Friends, you can see it. WWW.NTS.O Friends of, you have to come to their website, after coming to their website, you have to click.

Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Online Registration

As soon as you click on Upcoming Project, you can see that this option has appeared in front of you. Therefore, you will click on Upcoming Project and this interface will open in front of you. Friends, if we talk about his last date. Friends, this is the last date. As soon as you see this project will come in front of you. As soon as you click on the Punjab Police Jobs Softies Authority Requirement, this advertisement will appear in front of you.

And friends, we are talking about the last date, friends, the last date is Monday, Dec 29, 2023. Friends, you have to apply before Dec 19, 2023. And now we will talk about how to apply it. So what you have to do to apply is to click on registration for online registration. As soon as you click on online registration, this interface will open in front of you. Friends you can see.

Age Limit For Punjab Police Jobs

Now what do you have to do? Sign Up First you have to sign up. Friends who have signed up already. So they will log into it. And if you have then you are absolutely fresh candidate. So you have to click on sign up. Give your NIC. Then give your NIC below. Then give the password. Then give confirmation password.

Then you have to sign up for the cigarette quiz by selecting the question and giving its answer. After signing up you have to log in. When you log in, your application form will open in front of you. In it, you have to fill the form completely and then you have to send it along with the complete challan on the NTS website. to those.

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