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How To Apply For Islamabad Police Jobs? The ad I have today is Islamabad police recruitment kato chalo dosto challan towards Islamabad police Punjab government vacancies. In order to make the appointments possible on the basis of merit in a transparent and fair manner, Islamabad Police Jobs have appointed NTS i.e. national testing system for vacant posts.

Including physical writing tests etc. including ASI and constable posts. is responsible for Candidates of Pakistani nationality, men, women, and minorities can submit applications for Islamabad Police Jobs and CTF vacancies under the five percent quota allocated by the federal government among women and minorities in Islamabad Police and CTF. A number of stars and his/her education is B.A.B.Sc.

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Male candidates have to complete one mile run in seven minutes and female candidates have to run one mile in ten minutes Recruitment Stages First Stage Measurement of Height Breast Second Stage Running Third Stage Written Test Fourth Stage Interview In this the number two set is ASIC TIF its scale number is eleven.

The number of vacancies is one, the quota of this Cadmusile which is Sindhurban is one and the qualification is PSBSC, the procedure is also the same. The age of the post is constable, his scale number is seven, which is eleven hundred and fifty-six posts, and his education is metric or equivalent age, which is eighteen to twenty-five years, the physical standard for male candidates, height is five feet, seven inches, thirty-six, thirty-four inches, for women.

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For a male candidate whose height is five feet two inches, one mile in seven minutes, and a female candidate one mile in ten minutes, the procedure is also the same as before. The scale number is seven, it has sixty-six vacancies, its education is also metric or its equivalent and its recruitment stages are also like above. Number five is a horse-riding constable, men are needed for this, and his scale number is seven.

His education is also metric, which means his procedure is like other posts, and after that is constable band staff. The scale number is seven, the number of posts is nineteen, his education is metric or his equivalent age limit is eighteen to twenty-five years, his height, etc. Height five feet seven inches chest thirty-three thirty four age limit is thirty years.

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Conditions for Military Candidates Ex-servicemen who meet the criteria and pass the physical writing test seventy-one will be recruited as constables if they present the discharge certificate of the previous service which proves good or better qualification as per the criteria of the previous army service. There should not be a gap of more than two years between leaving and joining the Islamabad Police Jobs and there should be a gap of more than two years between the previous school service.

Candidates who pass the physical written and professional test will have to bring along with the interview all the educational documents issued by Nadra, computer, identity card, domicile cell, certificate of local residence with a blue background, two-digit passport, all measures, district contact in case of applying for minority non-Muslim quota. An affidavit signed by DCO available Affidavit Discharge certificate for ex-serviceman Candidates General instructions or information Physical test includes running speed.

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And intensity etc. Candidates should come to the running test wearing gaiters or suitable shoes and also bring a bottle of water to pass the candidate. However, the candidate will be declared eligible for the next stage. In case of failure in any stage, the candidate will be disqualified for the next stage. The decision of the board will be final and will not be challenged in any legal court. At the time of the final election, the candidate will be medically examined by the medical board civil surgeon from the federal government.

If the symptoms of any named or contagious disease are found or if the eyesight is reduced from six to six, such candidates will be declared ineligible. The character and educational credentials of the selected candidates will be verified and checked. In case of knowledge of wrong or small information at any stage after employment, legal action will be taken against the official for dismissal from employment.

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